Trees and Plants at Our Florida Home

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Our Mango tree By our Mango tree Look at these Mangos Meyer lemons
Peppers Angel's Trumpet tree Multi-colored Bougainvillea Pineapple plant
Fig tree Bananas Our banana plants Avocados starting to grow
Guavas starting to bloom Gerberas Hybiscus Pineapple
Hybiscus Pineapple growing in a pot Gerberas Milkweed that attracts Monarch butterflys
Cleo resting Cleo by our Mango tree Papayas Our Papaya trees
Cacti Cacti Bougainvillea Our front yard
Palm trees I planted Entrance to our house Gerberas Gerberas
Flowers Flowers Flowers Flowers
Flowers Orchid Orchids Orchids
Plants Plants Plants Plants
Plants Plants Plants Plants
Different kinds of plants DSC01900 DSC01901 Our herb garden
Flowers Flowers Flowers Bougainvillea by our hot tub
Tree on our patio Chimes Chimes Our guest bathroom
Our guest bedroom Plant Flowers Plant