USTA Florida 65+ Champs

We won the USTA 3.5 Division 65+ Championship 2013
statechamps  Florida State Champs -1  Sign at the YMCA P1010363  USTA Daytona Beach Attachment  USTA Daytona Beach
DSC00137  USTA Daytona Beach DSC00136  USTA Daytona Beach P1010370  Our Whole Contingent P1010367
DSC00135  Our Hotel DSC00146  THE Team! DSC00148  We are the Champs! DSC00152  The Champs!
P1010388 DSC00132 DSC00155  Our Finals Opponents photo(29)  Before the Final Match
01 02  We just won! 03  Rick 04
05  Maria and George 06 07  Sam 08  John, Nat and Fritzi
09 10 13  Rick 14  Ken
15 Attachment-1 (1)  Bob and Marilyn Attachment-1 photo(1)
Attachment1  Dalia and Alan -2  Karen and Rick Attachment2 photo  Ray and Ken
photo(36)  Marilyn DSC00133 DSC00138 DSC00139  Karen and Connie
DSC00140  Ken DSC00141  Fritzi, Marilyn and Bob DSC00142 DSC00143
DSC00144  Bob, Sam and Alan DSC00160  Rick and Alan DSC00156  Rick DSC00157  Alan
P1010390 photo(2) photo(1) (1) photo(3)
photo(6) photo(8) photo(9)  Marilyn and Bob photo(11)  Alan and Dalia
photo(12)  Alan, Dalia and Bob photo(13) photo(14)  Karen, Nat, Ray and Conrad photo(15)  Connie and others
photo(16)  Karen, Ray, Conrad and Bob photo(17)  John, Alan and Fritzi photo(18)  Karen and Sam photo(19)  Bob, Sam and Conrad
photo(20)  Rick and Alan photo(21)  Alan photo(22)  Nat and Ray photo(23)  Bob and Conrad
photo(24) photo(25)  Rick, Nat and Alan photo(26) photo(27)
photo(28)  Bob, Conrad, Ray and Alan photo(30) photo(31) photo(32)
naplesnews1  Naples News colliercitizen  Collier County Citizen marcoeagle  Marco Eagle ustaresults1  USTA Website
ustaresults2  USTA Website DSC00163  Plaque at the Marco YMCA congratsposter  Congratulations poster